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Management Services Officer II (3)
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Management Services Officer II (1)
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Management Services Officer II (2)
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Assistant Customer Service Supervisor/Customer Service Officer
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Customer Service Officer
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Customer Service Officer
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Assistant Customer Service Supervisor
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Customer Service Officer (Q&A)
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二級懲教助理 - Correctional Services Department
關員 - Customs and Excise Department
合約牙科醫生(矯齒科) - Department of Health
合約醫生 - Department of Health
月薪港幣64,270 – 93,710 元﹝入職薪酬視乎有關學歷和工作經驗而定﹞,另加約滿酬金。
月薪港幣 61,060–89,460 元(入職薪酬視乎有關學歷和工作經驗而定),另加約滿酬金。
月薪港幣64,270 – 93,710 元﹝入職薪酬視乎有關學歷和工作經驗而定﹞,另加約滿酬金。
月薪港幣61,060– 89,460元﹝入職薪酬視乎有關學歷和工作經驗而定﹞,另加約滿酬金。
合約高級醫生 - Department of Health
兼職合約醫生 - Department of Health
時薪港幣416 - 506 元(入職薪金視乎工作經驗而定)。